Classiche Masters, the finest workshops for classic Maseratis – Logo, branding & Book

Classiche Masters brings together the best classic Maserati restoration workshops. Author Marc Sonnery takes us on a tour of 12 workshops. He captures their way of working, shows their expertise. He visits Maserati Classiche in Modena and speaks with the curators of the heritage. This book is a tribute, the first-ever book to shine the spotlight on these craftsmen who are working day and night to restore and maintain classic Maseratis. Nothing can replace the knowledge in the heads and hands of these artists.

The result is an exclusive coffee table book printed on Italian (what else?) Fedrigoni paper, featuring over 200 high-quality photographs and an extensive listing of all models, complete with production numbers.

The 'Classiche Masters' logo was created in collaboration with Yves Capelle, who skillfully captured the essence of Alfieri Maserati in a precise portrait. It serves as the core of the Classiche Masters brand, featured in the logotype for enamel signage, videos, and, of course, the book.